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Chiropractic work is known for its ability to manage pain without medications, heal injuries (including soft tissue injuries), and make the body healthier and stronger overall. Dr. Reimer has been helping residents of Palo Alto and the surrounding area feel better for over 25 years and is dedicated to helping all of her patients reach their ideal level of health. If you have chronic or acute pain from inflammation, injury, or illness, Dr. Reimer and the team at Reimer Wellness Center can help.

Services Offered at Your Los Altos Chiropractor

Your Los Altos chiropractor works with a team of professional massage therapists and physical therapists to get you into the best condition and level of health of your life. At our office, we offer:

Chiropractic Adjustments - Chiropractic adjustments are the centerpiece of chiropractic care. If the spine, including any individual vertebrae, are out of alignment, the nerves can't sent and receive messages as they're supposed to. This results in increased pain, and sometimes other health issues, depending on where the misalignment is located and how it is impacting your nerves. By using chiropractic adjustments to move the vertebrae back into place, any pain is relieved and health is restored.

Massage Therapy - Massage therapy is a natural complement to chiropractic treatment. It helps relax muscles, which is healing in itself, both physically and mentally. It also makes the adjustments easier to do. Our massage therapists are trained in a variety of massage techniques.

Graston Therapy -This is a new treatment used to decrease pain and restore full range of motion to injured muscles. It is done using special instruments that move along the body to break up scar tissue and muscle knots. Once scars and knot are gone using this gentle therapy, the body is in a better condition to properly heal.

Physiotherapy - This type of therapy includes things like orthotic evaluation, interferential electrical muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, moist heat therapy, and rehabilitative exercises. These each promote the stimulation of the healing powers of our bodies. These therapies also remove toxins and increase endorphin levels, which relieves pain and stimulates soft tissue healing.

Orthotics - Reimer Wellness Center offers a comprehensive health history and examination of the feet. Based on cutting-edge noninvasive technology, our highly precise and accurate 3D imaging foot scanner unit is designed with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect orthotic—which in turn brings about peak performance and health. Orthotics can be made for any shoe style ranging from athletic shoes to sandals.

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Contact us to set up your initial appointment, which will include an evaluation, examination, and a first treatment. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Reimer Wellness Center family. To schedule an appointment today, please call us (650) 949-3232.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    "When I was in an accident, Dr. Mary's healing hands and her being in touch with my body and soul, helped get me back to my healthy and well body. I highly recommend Dr. Mary for all of your massage, chiropractic and wellness needs. Her office staff is lovely as well as her office environment. They are there to serve you. Two thumbs up!""
    Rosie Olson / Airline Flight Attendant
    "Dr. Reimer has been my one and only chiropractor for over 10 years. I am excited to say that I am now pregnant and trust her with helping prepare me for delivery.""
    Danielle Smith / Dance Instuctor/Business Owner