Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment from Our Los Altos Chiropractor Los Altos Chiropractor at Reimer Wellness Center, Dr. Mary Reimer, can help wit plantar fasciitis issues

If getting on your feet first thing in the morning is usually an agonizing experience for your long-suffering arches, then you may be suffering from a type of chronic connective tissue inflammation known as plantar fasciitis. This condition often affects individuals who must stand, walk or run for long periods of time, especially when the choice of footwear isn't up to the task or an underlying biomechanical problem is throwing the body off balance. But our Los Altos Chiropractor at Reimer Wellness Center, Dr. Mary Reimer, can help you conquer your plantar fasciitis problem.

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis

To understand why you might have plantar fasciitis, it is important to understand how the foot is put together. Your foot has three arches, the largest of which is the median arch that runs along the instep. These arches are critical for supporting your body weight as you walk, dance, run or stand in place. The medial arch is supported by a strong band of connective tissue called the plantar fascia -- but even the strongest tissues can become strained. The resulting foot pain is usually at its worst when you first step out of bed in the morning or after extended exertion.

Many factors can contribute to plantar fasciitis, including unusually high or low arches and a misalignment elsewhere in the body that puts unnatural stress on the feet. Athletes who depend on their feet or workers who must stand constantly are vulnerable to it. Wearing the wrong footwear is another major cause -- especially high heels, which force you into an unnatural weight distribution.

How Our Los Altos Chiropractor Can Help

An isolated bout of plantar fasciitis (perhaps caused by a specific event or an ill-advised day spent in high heels) can often be soothed through home care methods such as stretching the Achilles tendon or rolling the foot over a golf ball to massage the inflamed tissue. But over time, plantar fasciitis can turn into a chronic complaint. It's best to nip that case of plantar fasciitis in the bum by consulting our Los Altos chiropractor. We can perform a detailed spinal screening and stance/gait analysis to determine whether your posture is off balance (and why). Chiropractic adjustments may be helpful for equalizing your weight distribution.

Orthotics are frequently prescribed to compensate for underling arch problems. Reimer Wellness Center uses Foot Levelers as its orthotic technology of choice. We can create a digital image of your arches to fabricate customized supports that match your individual feet perfectly. We can also advise you on lifestyle changes such as switching your shoe preferences from high heels to wedgies, platforms or flats.

Call Reimer Chiropractic Center for Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Don't let yourself keep suffering from chronic foot pain unnecessarily. Call Reimer Chiropractic Center today at (650) 949-3232 to schedule an appointment with our Los Altos Chiropractor. We can help you kick plantar fasciitis to the curb!

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