Prenatal Care FAQ

If you're expecting a baby, you're no doubt full of questions about how to best ensure a safe delivery, an easier pregnancy, and better overall wellness during this amazing transition. Fortunately you've come to right place by consulting Reimer Wellness Center. Here are some of the more common questions about our prenatal chiropractic services.

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Is chiropractic adjustment safe for pregnant women? In the right hands, chiropractic adjustment is safe for just about anybody, including pregnant women. Dr. Reimer has a great deal of skill and experience in prenatal chiropractic care, and as a mother herself, she has a first-hand understanding of the discomforts and other wellness challenges involved. Prenatal chiropractic care actually enhances your state of health instead of threatening it, giving you the best chance for a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

Can chiropractic treatment help with pregnancy-related aches and pains? Chiropractic treatment is enormously helpful whenever your musculoskeletal systems is struggling alignment changes -- not least during pregnancy. As your body weight shifts forward, your lower back in particular can experience extreme stress, heightening the risk for backaches, sciatica and other discomforts. You may also experience joint pain, neck pain and headaches. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help keep you in better alignment for less nerve impingement and muscle strain.

How does chiropractic adjustment help with other symptoms? Aches and pains aren't the only unpleasant issues that crop up during pregnancy. Hormonal imblances may become more and more extreme, with results ranging from edema (swelling) of the hands and feet to nausea (which in extreme cases could force you to become housebound) and higher blood pressure readings (a genuine cause for concern in some pregnant women). Chiropractic treatment can help with all these issues by normalizing your nerve function, which in turn helps to reduce the severity of your prenatal "side effects." 

How can Dr. Reimer help me prepare for a healthier, safer delivery? Dr. Reimer has developed a one-of-a-kind technique known as the Reimer Method to help pregnant women enjoy a safer, healthier, less difficult pregnancy and delivery. She uses special adjustable tables for maximum comfort in accommodating the pregnant body, employing a gentle combination of chiropractic adjustment and massage to get the whole body communicating with itself properly. It also allows Dr. Reimer to make sure that the pelvic alignment is optimal for a normal, uncomplicated fetal position and childbirth.

Prepare for a Great Pregnancy at Reimer Wellness Center

If you're especially concerned because this is your first child, you have pre-existing medical conditions, or you just feel like you know enough about all the various considerations, you're among friends at Reimer Wellness Center. Dr. Reimer is always ready to talk to you, answer your questions, recommend the specific treatment methods that will do you the most good, and provide the reassurance you need throughout your pregnancy. Contact Reimer Wellness Center today at (650) 949-3232, get more answers to your questions, and schedule an initial consultation!


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    "When I was in an accident, Dr. Mary's healing hands and her being in touch with my body and soul, helped get me back to my healthy and well body. I highly recommend Dr. Mary for all of your massage, chiropractic and wellness needs. Her office staff is lovely as well as her office environment. They are there to serve you. Two thumbs up!""
    Rosie Olson / Airline Flight Attendant
    "Dr. Reimer has been my one and only chiropractor for over 10 years. I am excited to say that I am now pregnant and trust her with helping prepare me for delivery.""
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