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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Los Altos, CA

Reimer Wellness Center delivers a variety of wellness services to boost your health and ease your pain. Our massage therapy services are no exception. Our Los Altos massage therapists use a variety of massage techniques depending on your needs. We determine your needs following an evaluation with our chiropractor, Dr. Mary Reimer. Dr. Reimer examines your body and listens as you describe your symptoms. Then, she determines which of our services are appropriate for you. These may include deep tissue massage therapy if you are struggling with a lasting injury or have a chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia. 

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Deep Tissue Massage and Its Benefits

In contrast to a traditional Swedish massage in which the therapist uses light pressure in a particular pattern across your muscles, deep tissue massage uses firmer pressure and the therapist may spend more time in tighter areas. For instance, if you are experiencing lower back pain and our massage therapist feels a lot of muscle tension in your lower back, your deep tissue session may focus on reducing the muscular tightness in your lower back. Also, our massage therapists vary the way in which the pressure is applied to the muscle. You may receive a type of sliding pressure that follows the muscle fibers or our massage therapists may use a friction-type of massage and go against the fiber position. The goal is to reach the deep layers of muscle tissue and eliminate scar tissue that is causing pain and limiting your movements. 

Following your deep tissue massage therapy session you feel a reduction in inflammation, pain and tightness. This deep tissue massage is beneficial for conditions such as:

  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lower back pain
  • Muscle strains
  • Inflammation
  • Sports injuries
  • Auto accident injuries

Our massage therapists use their guided touch to determine the correct amount of pressure for your deep tissue massage, but you are instructed to be vocal about the amount of pressure. Since the pressure is typically more than what you feel during a traditional massage, you may experience slight muscle soreness for a day or two following your session. Our therapists will provide you tips to decrease the soreness and remind you to stay hydrated to flush out the toxins released during the massage.

Schedule Your Deep Tissue Massage Today

If you are living with chronic pain from a condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia or if you have suffered an injury in an accident, we want to show you the healing benefits of a deep tissue massage. Our massage therapists use this natural technique to eliminate inflammation and increased healing blood flow to the injured areas. As part of a holistic health care approach, deep tissue massage easily fits into your care plan as it is non-invasive and ultimately strengthens your body. You feel improved muscular balance, stability and function with continued massage and we look forward to showing you its many benefits. Schedule your massage in Los Altos today by calling us at (650) 949-3232.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    "When I was in an accident, Dr. Mary's healing hands and her being in touch with my body and soul, helped get me back to my healthy and well body. I highly recommend Dr. Mary for all of your massage, chiropractic and wellness needs. Her office staff is lovely as well as her office environment. They are there to serve you. Two thumbs up!""
    Rosie Olson / Airline Flight Attendant
    "Dr. Reimer has been my one and only chiropractor for over 10 years. I am excited to say that I am now pregnant and trust her with helping prepare me for delivery.""
    Danielle Smith / Dance Instuctor/Business Owner