Why Our Los Altos Chiropractor Prescribes Orthotics

Patient at Reimer Wellness Center being fitted for orthotics

When you consider how much weight the feet have to support on a constant basis as we stand, walk or run, it's little wonder that these complex structures may require a little extra help. Imbalances in the feet can have a "domino effect" on your entire musculoskeletal alignment, producing not only foot pain but a host of other health problems as well. That's why Dr. Reimer, our Los Altos chiropractor at Reimer Wellness Center, offers state-of-the-art Foot Levelers orthotics to provide customized arch support for problem feet.

The human foot is an impressively complicated piece of organic machinery, with a network of connective tissues lending both support and flexibility to its 33 joints and three major arches. Without correct arch height and support, you may suffer from pronation issues such as "flat feet." Feet that suffer from unequal arch support may push the body off balance. This may cause odd tilts in your hips, spine, shoulders and other joints, which in turn makes you prone to muscular strains and pinched nerves. 

Plantar fasciitis is another form of chronic pain caused by inadequate arch support. This inflammation of the connective tissue stretching across the underside of the foot can cause heel pain that feels worse when you first try to use your feet in the morning. It can be aggravated by:

  • High heels and other kinds of footwear that fail to support your weight evenly
  • Abnormally low or high arches
  • Long hours of standing associated with certain jobs
  • Overuse from activities such as running or dancing
  • Excess weight that places extra strain on the feet

Postural Evaluations and Orthotics from Our Los Altos Chiropractor

Orthotics can do much to compensate for biomechanical imbalances plaguing the feet and contributing to painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Our Los Altos chiropractor will first perform an examination of your spinal alignment, gait and stance to determine where your balance problems seem to originate from. If your feet are the obvious culprit, Dr. Reimer can fit you with customized orthotics. These inserts can be worn inside your everyday shoes to give you just the right amount of arch support.

Our clinic is a proud provider of Foot Levelers orthotics. Unlike ordinary store-bought inserts, Foot Levelers are fabricated from digital scans of your own feet. This technology facilitates what the company calls its "3 Arch Advantage" by creating perfect support for all three of your foot's major arches, not just a generic approximation of the medial arch on the inside of the foot. Once your feet are properly balanced, you ca say goodbye to not only your foot pain but also any other aches and pains your condition may have been causing.

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