Elbow Tendonitis

Elbow Tendonitis Treatment from a Los Altos Chiropractor

A Los Altos chiropractor at the Reimer Wellness Center provides the tools and solutions you need to address tennis elbow or related forms of tendonitis

Swelling in the tendons impact your ability to enjoy certain activities. Depending on the severity of the swelling and the underlying cause of the discomfort, the treatment plan may vary. A Los Altos chiropractor at the Reimer Wellness Center provides the tools and solutions you need to address tennis elbow or related forms of tendonitis.

What is Elbow Tendonitis?

Elbow tendonitis refers to swelling in the tendons of the elbow. It may also be called tennis elbow or a lateral epicondylitis. It means your elbow has an injury to the tendon and it requires appropriate treatment to address the symptoms.

Generally, a chiropractor identifies tendonitis based on the symptoms you show during an examination. A chiropractor may evaluate your movement or ask you to lift your arm. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, we recommend appropriate treatment strategies to heal the pain and address the underlying factors contributing to your discomfort.

Causes of Tendonitis a Los Altos Chiropractor Treats

A Los Altos chiropractor in our clinic offers treatment for tennis elbow and related forms of tendonitis based on your situation. The underlying causes of the discomfort play a significant role in the treatment process since it impacts the movement of your body.

Common causes of the problem include:

  • Playing tennis
  • Playing golf
  • Injuries from a sport or accident
  • Certain repetitive jobs, like carpentry or typing
  • Any repetitive motion causing stress to the elbows

In most cases, playing a sport or engaging in an activity with repetitive motions contribute to the discomfort or directly cause the swelling. Treatment strategies depend on the severity of the swelling and your situation, but we develop a personalized treatment plan to address the discomfort and encourage the healing process.

Treatment Options from a Los Altos Chiropractor

A Los Altos chiropractor offers a variety of treatment solutions for tennis elbow. Generally, we focus on the factors contributing to the discomfort as well as the actual cause of your pain. We may recommend resting from the repetitive motion for a reasonable amount of time. We also use chiropractic treatments to help improve the alignment of your neck, spine and the bones in your arms. We may use cold and hot therapy to help reduce the swelling in the tendons.

Stretches and exercises are used in our treatment plan to encourage the healing process and strengthen the muscles. We may recommend massage or holistic treatments for additional support and recovery solutions, but each individual receives a different treatment plan for tennis elbow after we determine the best course of action for your lifestyle, goals and symptoms.

Treating tennis elbow does not necessarily require complex medical treatments. A chiropractor in our clinic provides natural and holistic treatments based on your needs and situation. We focus on the causes of your pain and help you develop strategies to reduce the discomfort over time. To learn more about treating tennis elbow or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor, contact us at (650) 949-3232.


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