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Keep your live pain free and live longer by making sure your desk is ergonomically set up properly.

The Philosophy of Ergonomics is to fit the task to the person, not the person to the task and to work smarter not harder.

It is advised to take breaks every 20 minutes.

Consider creating an alternative workstation that allows you to stand while working as well.


1. Do you have enough room on your work surface for all your computer accessories?

2. Is your desk surface deep enough to provide at least 18" between your eyes and the computer screen?

3. Are your most frequently accessed items (e.g., phone, manuals, etc.) easy to reach?

4. If your desk has a fixed height, is the keyboard tray adjustable?

5. Have you removed all under‐desk obstructions?

6. Do you have a document holder to hold paper for prolonged computer inputting?

7. Do our arms rest on, or contact any sharp or square edges on your work surfaces?

8. If a large percentage of your time involves using a phone do you use a phone headset?

9. Is your source light out of your line of sight?


1. Is your chair height adjustable?

2. Is your chair back adjustable up and down?

3. Is your chair back contoured to support the lower back?

4. Is your backrest large enough to support your entire back, but not interfere with the use of your arms?

5. Is your lumbar support a minimum of 12" wide?

6. Is there room (2‐4") between the front edge of the seat pan and the back of your knees?

7. If your feet do not rest flat on the floor when your chair is properly adjusted, do you use a footrest?

8. Is the top of your footrest covered with a non‐skid material to reduce slippage?

9. Do your chair arms interfere with you getting close to your work?

10. Do your chair arms allow you to sit with your shoulders relaxed and not elevated?

11. Does your chair have removable armrests?

12. Is the distance between your armrests adjustable?

13. Are your knees bent forming approximately a 90 degree or greater angle?

14. Does the chair have a stable base supported by five legs with casters?


1. Is the viewing distance to your computer monitor somewhere between 18" ‐ 30"?

2. Is the top of your computer screen at or just below eye level?

3. If you wear bifocals or trifocals, can you see the computer monitor without having to tilt your head back

to read the screen or other items in your work area?

4. Is your computer monitor free of glare or reflections?

5. Is the monitor screen clean?

6. Is character size easy to read?

7. Do you have blinds on the windows near your computer?

8. Do you use a glare screen to reduce glare on your monitor?


1. With your chair adjusted properly is your work surface at approximately elbow level?

2. Are your shoulders relaxed and not elevated when you work at your work surface?

3. Is the height of your keyboard low enough so your arms are relaxed at your side?

4. When you address your work surface to type or write is there approximately a 90 degree angle between

your forearms and upper arms and are your elbows close to your body?

5. When you address your work surface to type are your wrist in line with your

forearms and not bent upwards, downwards, or side‐to‐side?

6. Do you have a wrist rest to support your wrists in a straight and neutral position?

Mouse, Trackball, or Other Input Device

1. Is your mouse, trackball, or other input device (i.e., touchpad, etc.) located directly in our immediate

reach zone?

2. Is your mouse or trackball positioned next to your keyboard?

3. Is your mouse or trackball placed together with our keyboard on an adjustable work surface or tray?

4. Is our mouse work surface stable?

5. Is the mouse or trackball at the same level as your keyboard?

Work Habits

1. Do you take short and frequent breaks every 20‐30 minutes?

2. Do you frequently change body positions while working?

3. Do you provide your eyes with vision breaks every half hour?

4. Are you free from experiencing any pain or discomfort while working?


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