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The Graston Technique

Graston Technique Treats Chronic Pain & Mobility Restrictions Caused by Scar Tissue

The Graston Technique is an evidenced-based treatment that uses specially designed instruments to assist with soft tissue mobilization following an injury. This revolutionary technique releases scarred or trapped muscles and connective tissues. By breaking up scar tissue and restoring muscle strength and flexibility, the Graston Technique allows the body to heal and maintain proper alignment. By combining the Graston Technique with chiropractic adjustments, our Los Altos chiropractor finds that patients heal faster, require less anti-inflammatory medication, and, in some cases, even find relief from chronic conditions originally thought to be permanent.

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Heal Faster After Soft Tissue Injury with the Graston Technique

The Graston Technique provides improved diagnostic treatment by detecting major and minor fibrotic changes in the soft tissues. Just as chiropractic adjustments must begin with the diagnosis of spinal subluxations, effectively correcting soft tissue abnormalities starts with the precise diagnosis of scar tissue within the body. Dr. Reimer uses six different handheld, stainless steel instruments to locate tissue abnormalities within the body. These instruments are created in special concave/convex shapes that mold to different contours of the body. Much like a tuning fork, the instrument will resonate in Dr. Reimer’s hand when the instrument passes over a place of soft tissue adhesions. The instruments “amplify” what a human hand can feel just as a stethoscope amplifies what the human ear can hear when listening to a heartbeat.

Once scar tissue adhesions are located, Dr. Reimer will use the instruments to break up the scar tissue. Scar tissue limits range of motion and can aggravate pain, preventing you from living an active life. When the instruments break up the scar tissue, the body can absorb this tissue and heal faster.

Originally developed for use with world-class athletes, the Graston Technique is now conveniently offered directly to you in a private practice. However, since the technique requires specialized tools and training, it is not offered by all Los Altos chiropractors. Dr. Reimer has received special training to provide the Graston Technique to her patients.

All Graston Technique providers, including Dr. Reimer, follow the same treatment protocol. This includes a brief warm-up exercise to warm the muscles, Graston Technique treatment, and then a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises, followed by ice. Our patients typically receive two treatments per week over four to five weeks. Most patients begin seeing improvement after just a few treatments. While some soreness is normal after treatment, in general patients experience overall improved mobility and reduced discomfort by the fourth treatment. Even though the Graston Technique is a relatively new treatment approach for soft tissue mobilization, it has a 75 to 90 percent treatment success rate.

If you are struggling with chronic pain due to scar tissue, you may be a good candidate for the Graston Technique. This treatment can be incorporated into chiropractic care plans or offered as a stand-alone treatment, depending on your wellness needs. For more information, call Reimer Wellness Center at 650-492-6067.


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