Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

The spine has many components, including the vertebrae and the soft cushions, or discs, that allow the vertebrae to move comfortably. Spinal discs are similar in shape to a jelly donut- they have a fairly tough exterior, while their interior is squishy. Over time, the squishy material on the inside of discs can rupture or bulge. When a disc ruptures and the squishy material on the inside of the disc escapes, it's known as a herniated disc. When the squishy material creates a bulge in the disc (but does not actually cause a tear in the exterior), it's known as a bulging disc. Both of these conditions can be painful. Luckily, herniated and bulging discs are both treatable with chiropractic care. At Reimer Wellness Center in Los Altos, our chiropractor is here to help you recover from a disc injury. 


Causes Of Herniated/ Bulging Disc

Typically, herniated and bulging discs occur due to aging. Over time, discs break down and are more susceptible to injury. There are other factors that can come into play, including being overweight. Extra weight puts more pressure on discs, making it more likely for them to lose their shape and/or tear. Occupation can also play a role. People who lift heavy objects day after day may find that they sustain more disc injuries than someone who has a job that does not require much movement. Genetics are a factor, too. Some people are predisposed to disc problems. 

Symptoms Of Herniated/ Bulging Disc

Some people experience a herniated or bulging disc and have symptoms at all- they only find out during x-rays for a different problem. For people who do show symptoms, they often appear in the form of nerve problems. Herniated or bulging discs often press on nerves in or near the spine, creating pain in other areas of the body. People who have disc injuries in the lower back typically report pain through the buttock and leg. People who have a herniated or bulging disc higher in the spinal column may experience arm and/or shoulder pain. Many people also experience weakness, numbness or tingling in the limb closest the injured disc. 

Call Our Los Altos Chiropractor

If you think you may be experiencing pain from a herniated or bulging disc, our Los Altos chiropractor is here to set you on the path to recovery. Chiropractic care is a holistic, safe, reliable treatment for disc injuries. We'll work with your body's natural healing mechanisms to help you get back to 100%. Call Reimer Wellness Center at (650) 949-3232 to set up your first appointment. 


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