Massage Therapy FAQs

I’ve never had a massage before, what should I expect?

First, you may be asked to fill out a quick health form to help the massage therapist better serve you. If you don’t already have a health history form on file at our office, you’ll need to fill one out. The therapist will ask a few general questions regarding any recent pain or injuries you may have experienced and, with your input, will determine the best way to proceed. The therapist will show you to the treatment room, give you complete instructions on how to lay on the massage mat or table, and then leave the room to give you privacy while you get ready.

Why should I get a massage?

Massage is more than a luxury, it’s valuable therapy that provides long-term health benefits. Massage can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, help speed the healing of injury, reduce the frequency or severity of migraine headaches and boost the immune system.

What should I wear?

Some types of massage offered at Reimer Wellness Center are performed with the patient fully clothed, and some require partial nudity. For Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, it’s common to get undressed and lay under a sheet on the massage table. However, patients are never required to be completely nude if it makes them uncomfortable. Wear loose, comfortable clothing if you’re receiving Shiatsu, Barefoot Shiatsu or Sports Massage.

It is alright to talk during the appointment?

You should always feel free to communicate with your therapist during the massage. Your input will help ensure the session is most beneficial. Some patients prefer to close their eyes and be quiet, which is perfectly acceptable, and some prefer to talk to the therapist.

Does the therapist have to use oil on my skin?

Some massage styles don’t require any oil or lotion. During Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, a small amount of oil is needed to decrease the amount of friction on the skin which could become uncomfortable. Our therapists use only high-quality oil and lotion products that are safe for all skin types. You might also opt to bring your own preferred oil and the therapist will be happy to use that oil. 

How will it feel—will it hurt?

Most people find massage to be a very pleasant, relaxing experience. Sports massage or Deep Tissue massage can sometimes be a little uncomfortable as the therapist applies techniques to help release tight muscles, but massage should never be painful. Always let your therapist know if they’re applying too much pressure or if a specific area is painful to the touch.

Can I go back to work after a massage?

Yes, you can go about your normal day after receiving a massage. Though you may feel very relaxed and even a little sleepy immediately after your appointment, many people find they feel energized and productive after receiving a massage. The process of massage helps to flush toxins from the body. Drink plenty of water to help facilitate that process and plan for a good night’s rest. Otherwise you can feel free to carry on with your normal routine.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    "When I was in an accident, Dr. Mary's healing hands and her being in touch with my body and soul, helped get me back to my healthy and well body. I highly recommend Dr. Mary for all of your massage, chiropractic and wellness needs. Her office staff is lovely as well as her office environment. They are there to serve you. Two thumbs up!""
    Rosie Olson / Airline Flight Attendant
    "Dr. Reimer has been my one and only chiropractor for over 10 years. I am excited to say that I am now pregnant and trust her with helping prepare me for delivery.""
    Danielle Smith / Dance Instuctor/Business Owner